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How Tramadol interacts with other drugs?

Tramadol interacts with other drugsTramadol is an effective pain-killer that relieves consumer from mild to severe pains by interacting with chemicals in the brain, increasing neurotransmitter’s release and reducing the intensity of pain felt by the body. This narcotic analgesic medication has been approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) under generic name Ultram and many other versions, common with the names Conzip, Rybix ODT, and Ultram ER. Check best ways to buy Tramadol online from effective pharmacies.

There’s quite a long list of drugs that interact with Tramadol in the body resulting in several effects. A ‘No’ to these dangerous combinations can prevent severe ill-effects.

Interactions of Tramadol with other pain killers

Tramadol works by interacting with central nervous system. But there are many non-narcotic drugs too such as paracetamol that can relieve pain and if these drugs are taken along with Tramadol, the resulting effect would be a stronger alleviation of pain. Such combinations are recommended for treatment of a number of medical conditions but should be taken only after consultation with healthcare provider.

Interactions of Tramadol with anti-depressants

Certain class of anti-depressants such as monoamine oxidase (MAO) inhibitors such as Aurorix and Marplan  or Selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors (SSRIs) such as Lexapro and Prozac interact with Tramadol when taken together and can cause severe combined effects to an extent of death too.

Tramadol’s interaction with MAO has been known to cause agitation, headache, fluctuations in blood pressure, coma and even death. In fact, the interactions can be so intense that it is recommended to keep a gap of atleast 2 weeks between quitting Tramadol and initiating MAO’s consumption. On the other hand, SSRIs interactions increases risk of seizures to many folds and might even lead to development of serotonin syndrome.

Other centrally acting drugs such as anti-anxiety medications or sleeping pills may increase the downsides of Tramadol that includes sedative effect and increased risk of seizures or respiratory disorders.

Interactions of Tramadol with other drugs

Several other drugs such as Carbamazepine that are used for treatment of epilepsy, if taken along with Tramadol increases the metabolism of the later thereby decreasing the seizure threshold which is the most problematic symptom of epilepsy. Therefore, the use of this combination of drug is highly discouraged as one alters the effect of another.

Apart from this class, certain anti-fungal drugs like Orungal, Nizoral and antibiotics like erythromycin that works by inhibiting the action of an enzyme CYP3A4 also interfere with Tramadol mechanism and is known to cause ill-effects on health.

The list does not end with this.  A lot many heart-rhythm medications (ex : Amiodarone), blood pressure medications (ex: Diltiazem), HIV-AIDS drugs and cancer medications (ex: Gleevec) have also been reported to interact with Tramadol.


Although many studies have successfully reported the interactions of one drug with another, a lot much is still unknown to consumers. Not only drugs, but alcohol, nicotine and even food supplements do interact with drug in the body. And therefore it is highly recommended to inform the physician regarding dietary intake, food supplements and all the drugs well on time before he prescribes any drug so that the best advice can be given after complete analysis of the patient’s body’s profile.