Carrie is a registered nurse for almost 14 years now and she works at a local hemodialysis outpatient center in USA. She has around 9 years experience in cardiac nursing, orthopedic rehabilitation and 3 years experience in nephrology nursing. Carrie has been working as a freelance writer for three years now and has written many articles and blogs on nursing, pain, exercise, health and wellness.
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Battling the Overdose of Tramadol

Tramadol is definitely the best medication for a person and it can definitely reduce the pain to the greater extent. Great effectiveness is achieved on the condition until you misuse or overdose Tramadol. There are many people who are battling out there due to taking an excessive amount of the medication. Let us look about […]


Tramadol – A prescription drug, claims more lives

In a survey, it is found that Tramadol medication is claiming more lives than other drugs, cocaine or alcohol. This is a prescription only drug for a reason. When this medication is taken correctly it would definitely not cause any harm in the body. Only when you violate or misuse it you would receive negative […]

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Tramadol Drug Interactions

Tramadol medication can interact with certain other drugs which includes alcohol, antidepressants, and antifungals when it is combined with any of them while taking treatment. The interaction of Tramadol with drugs would lead to the cause of side effects such as difficulty in breathing and stomach pain and dizziness. When Tramadol has interacted with the […]

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Tramadol sexual side effects

Extensive clinical studies were taken on Tramadol and the results show that this medication shows certain sexual adverse effects. The adverse effects include ejaculation disorder, impotent and changes in the sexual intercourse. If any such sexual related side effects were detected, on taking Tramadol, reach your immediately and get a piece of advice. Feel free […]

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Tramadol Warnings And Precautions

When you prior to starting any type of medication treatment, it is essential to be aware of the side effects which involved in the medicine. Especially for Tramadol, there are lots of possibilities a person can addict to the pain reliever medication. For pregnant women, it is strictly not recommended to take Tramadol unless until […]

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Tramadol Ultram Overdose

Tramadol Overdose Tramadol dosage would be prescribed by based on certain factors including patient age, the severity of the condition, other medical status or health condition and sex. So when you likely to work the medication properly, then you should take all those factors into account while prescribing the Tramadol prescription. In case, when you […]


Tramadol for Dogs

One cannot doubt that Tramadol is considered to be the best pain reliever. It helps the patient to relieve moderate to severe pain that they suffer from. It provides the quick relief from your sufferings. This medication prescribed by a veterinarian for your pets dogs and cats. Let us look into the details how Tramadol […]

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Tramadol and Weight Loss

Sometimes we eat food depending on our mood. Sometimes it ends up in a positive way and sometimes it not. Tramadol, we can consider it from this angle. Something, that actually helps in treating to our weight-related problems such as gain or loss. Well, in this case, Tramadol is used for weight loss. Tramadol relaxes […]

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Is Tramadol a narcotic?

No, Tramadol is a non-narcotic medication. In the 1990s, Tramadol medication was introduced in the market to help people those who suffer from pain. The aim of the researchers was to invent a medication that is less addictive in nature. Tramadol – an opiate medication This is not a narcotic drug so you would ask […]

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Tramadol Withdrawal – Symptoms And Advices

Tramadol is used to treat the acute and chronic pain in human. The condition of pain may vary from mild to the severe extent and also treat the condition of Fibromyalgia. The working mechanism of Tramadol is not reported exactly. Similarly, the withdrawal effects are not fully known. However, this effects of withdrawal and sedation […]