About Tramadol

Is Tramadol a narcotic?

No, Tramadol is a non-narcotic medication. In the 1990s, Tramadol medication was introduced in the market to help people those who suffer from pain. The aim of the researchers was to invent a medication that is less addictive in nature.

Tramadol – an opiate medication

Tramadol a narcotic

This is not a narcotic drug so you would ask me on what it is. Tramadol is an opiate medication which would bind to the opiate receptors in the central nervous system. This drug is not as addictive compared to narcotic drugs however it does not mean that you would never get addicted to this medication.

The person has to be very careful during the course of therapy. This pain relief medication has to be taken only for a shorter span of time and this time frame should not be exceeded at any cost.

At the maximum, this medication would be prescribed for two to three weeks of time only. Tramadol pills would not cure the pain and you have to check the underlying reason behind pain as well as get treated for it.

So even after the period of three weeks on Tramadol medication, you would still experience pain. This is not the indication that you should take the medication after your course of therapy too. It should be halted at the right time.

How severe would Tramadol addiction be on a person?

The severity of Tramadol addiction would depend on how an individual has misused it. Some people would be misusing the drug for a longer span of time and this means that the addiction level would be very much high. You are not even supposed to take higher dosage strength of Tramadol for a longer period as it would cause addiction.

Depend on the severity of Tramadol addiction it takes time to get rid out of it. There are people who snort, crush, chew or inject the tablets in order to feel high. This is definitely a great mistake that an individual does.

Why is Tramadol often mistaken as a narcotic drug?

The only reason behind this is that Tramadol provides euphoria effect when taken. This feeling is not severe if you are going to take the medication at the prescribed dose. However, taking the larger doses of the drug than what your body requires would definitely cause high feeling in a person.

Even those patients who start the treatment genuinely for getting relieved from pain start to misuse the medication in the middle of the treatment. After a certain period of time, a person would develop tolerance towards the medication. However, these people would not think about halting the treatment but they would increase the Tramadol dosage strength.

This would lead to addiction for sure. However, the rate of people who get addicted to Tramadol is very less compared to other narcotic medication in the market. Always be safe during the course of therapy so that you can avoid an unnecessary situation which might also pave way for fatal conditions.

Carrie BSN, RN
Carrie is a registered nurse for almost 14 years now and she works at a local hemodialysis outpatient center in USA. She has around 9 years experience in cardiac nursing, orthopedic rehabilitation and 3 years experience in nephrology nursing. Carrie has been working as a freelance writer for three years now and has written many articles and blogs on nursing, pain, exercise, health and wellness.