Tramadol – A prescription drug, claims more lives

Tramadol - A prescription drugIn a survey, it is found that Tramadol medication is claiming more lives than other drugs, cocaine or alcohol. This is a prescription only drug for a reason. When this medication is taken correctly it would definitely not cause any harm in the body. Only when you violate or misuse it you would receive negative effects from the medication.

Abusing Tramadol medication

There are so many fatal cases including the celebrity ones. People believe that if it is a prescription only drug then it is completely safe. However, this is far from the reality.

A person can consume this Tramadol tablet for a span of two to three weeks of time without any issue provided they completely follow the instruction of the healthcare professional. But after that, it becomes a must that they are supposed to halt the course of therapy.

There are two categories of people who get addicted to Tramadol. First category people are that they would have started taking this medication in order to treat their pain. The effectiveness that they receive from the drug on condition might be high so they would not stop taking the pills.

After a certain period of time, there are chances that you develop tolerance towards the drug. This is where people start to increase the dosage strength without consulting with the doctor. They would increase the dose again so that they keep on getting the effects of pain.

Second category individuals are those who take Tramadol for recreational usage. When this medication is taken, you would start to get high. When the higher doses are taken then there are chances that this effect would be high.

Due to this, some people would take Tramadol in a non-recommended manner. They might crush, chew, snort or even inject the medication so that it increases the level of active ingredient in the body all of a sudden.

This activity would cause high in a person and also pave way for so many issues. Initially, some side effects would be caused in the body. In case a person is misusing the drug after that then there are chances that they would worsen these ill effects in the body.

There are also chances that it would lead to fatal situations. When given medical attention at a proper time it is possible to get out of the issue. But, if the issues go beyond hand then the effect might be fatal.

How to avoid Tramadol from claiming more lives?

The simple factor that you can do to be safe during the treatment is that just follow the instructions of the physician. The medico would tell you the do’s and don’ts during the treatment.

Avoid consumption of alcohol or misusing other medications during the treatment. There are chances that alcohol or other drugs with medication might claim lives. This prescription-only drug is effective and it can help you to get rid of the pain in a wise manner. So start and stop the therapy at the right time.

Carrie BSN, RN
Carrie is a registered nurse for almost 14 years now and she works at a local hemodialysis outpatient center in USA. She has around 9 years experience in cardiac nursing, orthopedic rehabilitation and 3 years experience in nephrology nursing. Carrie has been working as a freelance writer for three years now and has written many articles and blogs on nursing, pain, exercise, health and wellness.