Tramadol for Dogs

One cannot doubt that Tramadol is considered to be the best pain reliever. It helps the patient to relieve moderate to severe pain that they suffer from. It provides the quick relief from your sufferings. This medication prescribed by a veterinarian for your pets dogs and cats. Let us look into the details how Tramadol helps for dogs.

Tramadol for Dogs

It is typically used in your pets for treating their chronic sufferings. People rely on the reliever for their dogs, if they found pain in the dog’s body and reduce discomfort or swelling in their pet’s body, then they will be searching for the remedies. Tramadol is prescribed for dogs by veterinarian doctors in their prescription. Here are some of the cases were giving this medication to the pets will be a good choice.

Post surgery pain: Your pet might undergo the recent surgery for any reason. In such cases, you can relieve their sufferings from this medicine

Injury: In case, if it suffers from some mild injuries on their body because of some accidents or with their regular physical activities.

Joint Pain: Due to some mild arthritis condition, they suffer from joint pain. Tramadol for dogs is suggested to stop their joint pain.

Antidepressant or treat anxiety: In case of depression in your pet’s mind or if itsuffersr from anxiety due to some event or noise. Tramadol suggested for dogs to calm down their mind.

Cancer pain: When your pet undergoes the treatment for cancer, its body undergoes severe pain. In such cases, this medication helps in relieving their suffering.

Above all, the drug is prescribed for other reasons by the veterinarian that is not mentioned in the above list.

The dosage should be taken by your mouth every 8-12 hours of time interval. It is generally prescribed for your pets short term of two weeks.

The Tramadol dosage suggested for dogs are different for each one and it is adjusted on how the body reacts to this medicine. The dose should be given to your pets by the proper guidance and instruction from your veterinarian.

Normal dosage recommended for your dogs is 0.5 mg/lb to 4.5 mg/lb. However, the dosage varies based on the health condition of dog, how the medicine reacts in its body and how severe the pain is.

Proper use of Tramadol for dogs

  • To prevent the risk associated with the medicine through drug interaction. It is advised to inform your veterinarian list of medicines that you give your dogs.
  • It is advised to tell if your pet suffers from allergic to Tramadol or various other drugs. If it suffers from a disease in kidney or liver and stomach disorder.
  • The dosage should be given exactly as its prescribed to take. If the dose or treatment duration exceeds than the suggested one. It causes a negative and life-threatening risk.
  • It is recommended to know all possible side of effects of Tramadol. If any one of the side effects is found on your pet. It is advised to immediately contact your doctor.
  • It is classified under the schedule IV controlled substance. Strictly follow your prescription label, before Tramadol is given to dogs.
Carrie BSN, RN
Carrie is a registered nurse for almost 14 years now and she works at a local hemodialysis outpatient center in USA. She has around 9 years experience in cardiac nursing, orthopedic rehabilitation and 3 years experience in nephrology nursing. Carrie has been working as a freelance writer for three years now and has written many articles and blogs on nursing, pain, exercise, health and wellness.