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Tramadol sexual side effects

Extensive clinical studies were taken on Tramadol and the results show that this medication shows certain sexual adverse effects.

Tramadol Sexual Side EffectsThe adverse effects include ejaculation disorder, impotent and changes in the sexual intercourse. If any such sexual related side effects were detected, on taking Tramadol, reach your immediately and get a piece of advice. Feel free to explain your current problem in detail along with your medical history.

If you have the habit of drinking regularly or for the purpose of getting new medication. Under such case, the doctor will recommend you a better solution. Either he will suggest you alternate treatment or he will change the dosage strength of Tramadol.

If all these things do not work well, the doctor will recommend you alternate medication to Tramadol that suits your present health condition.

This Tramadol which is marketed under the brand name Ultram has the common property of causing side effects as other medication.

The common side effects of Tramadol include libido, which is concerned with the changes in sex drive. Impotence otherwise known as Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and ejaculation problem are the other such troubles.

The clinical studies also say that there are changes in the sexual drive are commonly found in people in-taking Tramadol. The effect may be either increased or decreased. Scarcely about 1% of people using Tramadol found to be detected with the trouble of having this changes in sexual drive. Also, it is one of the reported sexual troubles of Tramadol.

It can also cause significant problems in ejaculation in men. Based on the clinical studies it is seen that about 2% of men using Tramadol experiences delayed ejaculation during sex.

Tramadol has the potential to cause impotence too. The problem by definition can be defined as the inability to get the erection. It can be a complete disability to bring erection or achieving an insufficient period of erection.

Therefore, this impotence is a repeatedly detected inability to achieve the erection or the inability to achieve enough firm to have sex. Based on the clinical studies reported, it is found that about 3% of the men using Tramadol for pain relief has subjected to the problem of impotence.tramadol and sexual effects

All through the sexual side effects of using Tramadol is very lower when compared to other side effects. It is possible to have this side effects to be noticed frequently and is reported clinically by most of the patients. Apart from the reported results, it is also noticed that most of the people feel hassle and reluctant in explaining their sexual trouble of Tramadol in detail with the doctor.

Considering this hesitation in mind we can say that the number of people exposed to this sexual side effects may be found an increased number of people that reported from the medical case study.

It is not easily possible for a doctor to identify the trouble of sexual side effects caused by Tramadol. Hence we can assume that most people have subjected to this sexual side effects.

Is that Tramadol attribute to it rapidly? All these side effects may be due to the patient’s health condition under which they are treated with Tramadol. This means that the patient’s ailment could be the main cause of this adverse effect.

Hence it is not easy to find the real cause of the sexual disorder immediately. That is under which condition of the patient has caused this sexual dysfunction. While treating with Tramadol the people are most commonly subjected to such effects.

On concluding if you find any sexual dysfunction on Tramadol treatment, reach your doctor immediately to find and treat your side effect as soon as possible.

The patient may experience both mild and severe effects on their sexual function.

When you report your sexual problem to your doctor, based on the severity the doctor can alter the dosage or they will suggest you with alternative pain reliever.

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